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Upcoming events

    • October 01, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Camano Island (Washington)

    Saltwater Fishing, Camano Island (Host - Matt Moore)

    Fishing the salt from the beach is one of the fastest growing facets of fly fishing because Puget Sound is blessed with so many miles of beach and so many willing fish. This year the NFA will meet on Camano Island in the early fall. Utsalady Bay will be the place where we will fish for feisty sea-run cutthroat.

    What to Bring for Fishing :

    • PFD is always recommended for wading and riding in boats.
    • Washington saltwater fishing license and a catch card.
    • 6 or 7 weight rod
    • Reel with at least 50 yards of backing
    • Weight-forward floating line with nine-foot 2x or 3x leader
    • Extra leaders or leader material (0 to 3x sizes)
    • Pink flies including Cerise Comet (size 4), Pink Woolly Bugger (size 4), Pink Flashabou Comet (size 4), Clousers, and Poppers.
    • Vest, hat and glasses (with strap)
    • Stripping basket (if you have one).
    • Camera in waterproof container
    • Sun Screen and Rain Gear
    • Pad and pencil for note taking

    Food & Beverages:

    • Bring your own snacks for when you're fishing
    • Matt Moore, our host, has lots of chairs for sitting around for lunch


    Directions will be provided to registered attendees prior to the outing. Matt would like to talk with everyone a week before the outing to find out what folks would like to do, time, fishing and food.

    • October 07, 2022
    • 5:00 PM
    • October 09, 2022
    • 12:00 PM
    • Yakima River - Lower Canyon
    • 11
    • Yakima River, Lower Canyon (Hosts - Peter Maunsell and Phil Friend)

      The Lower Yakima Canyon, from Wilson Creek to Roza Dam, offers more than 20 miles of relatively easily floating. NFA will set up camp at either the Big Pines Campground or newly protected river front property, both right on the river. This is sagebrush country, a basalt and desert landscape home to Bighorn sheep, deer, and plentiful hatches of insects.

      Your primary catch will be trout and whitefish. Almost all of the trout are rainbows. Many of our group will be floating from any of the several launch sites downstream to the Big Pines campground or from the Big Pines campground down to the Roza impoundment. If you don’t have a boat there is easy access via numerous pullouts on Canyon Road running alongside the river, state route WA-821. In the spring and at the end of the summer through the fall, wading is not difficult, When the river runs high during the summer due to upstream releases for irrigation, wading is more difficult.

      What to Bring for Fishing:

      • Washington state fishing license

      • Suitable floating devices including pontoon boat, raft, or drift boat.

      • PFD is always recommended for wading and riding in boats.

      • It is very likely to be quite cool during the day and significantly colder at night. Bring clothes that will keep you warm. Although we are on the “dry” side of the Cascades it rains here too. Bring rain gear.

      • Hat and sunglasses

      • Camera (in a zip lock bag)

      • 4-6 weight rods and floating lines

      • Net

      • 3x, 4x, and maybe 5x tippet, depending on which flies you use

      • Check the local fly shops on what is working but bring a variety of nymphs including Stone, Copper Johns, and Bead head Prince Nymphs; streamers including buggers; and Caddis.

      • Water bottle and drinking water for when you are on the river.

      • Waders, wading boots and wading staff

      What to Bring for Camping

      • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad

      • Change of clothes (You may get wet)

      • Rain gear

      • Flashlight(s)

      • Folding Chair

      Food & Beverages:

      • The outing fee only covers Friday and Saturday night dinners and Saturday and Sunday coffee.

      • Bring your own food for breakfast and lunch.

      • Bring your own wine, beer, or hard stuff.

      Getting There:

      • East on I-90 to Ellensburg.

      • Take exit 109 to Canyon Road

      • Drive south ~20 miles,

      • Your host will give more precise instructions as the date gets closer, depending on which campsite NFA will use.

      Cancellation Deadline: Deadline for cancellation is 8:00 p.m. the Sunday before the outing. If you need to cancel, please contact the Outing Host(s). There will be no refunds after the cancellation deadline.

    • October 22, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Lone Lake (Washington)
    • Lone Lake (Host - TBD)

      This 90 acre lake is managed as a quality fishing water where fish in excess of 16 inches can be regularly caught. The lake at its deepest is less than 20 feet. Fishing is best in the spring and the fall as warmer water temperatures and reduced water clarity in the summer can limit catch rates. Two pole fishing is allowed. Chironomid, leeches, and wooly bugger patterns are very successful. A bloodworm pattern is often effective February into April. Introduced warm water species (i.e. Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch and Brown Bullhead) are also present in the lake.

      The access area on the north shore has a concrete boat ramp, parking area and pit toilet. The access is via a county park so there is no need for a Discovery Pass or WDFW Pass.

      Driving Instructions, From Mukilteo:

      • Take the Mukilteo – Clinton ferry to Clinton

      • Drive ~ 6.3 miles on WA Hwy 525 to Bayview Road

      • Turn Right on Bayview Road and drive ~1.5 miles to Andreason Road

      • Turn Left on Andreason Road and drive ~0.75 mile to Lone Lake Road

      • Turn Left on Lone Lake Road and follow it into the access area for the lake

      What to Bring:

      • Washington state fishing license

      • Raft, canoe, pontoon boat, kayak, or float tube

      • PFD is always recommended for wading and riding in boats.

      • 4-6 weight rods with floating line and/or sinking line. If you are so inclined it is recommended that one rod be rigged for chironomid fishing.

      • 3x, 4x, and maybe 5x tippet, depending on which flies you use

      • Net

      • Folding Chair

      • Rain gear

      • Hat and sunglasses

      • Camera (in a zip lock bag)

Past events

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