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Deschutes River

  • May 06, 2016
  • May 08, 2016
  • Deschutes River and Beavertail Campground
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  • Children 14 years of age or younger are free.
  • This registration for outing leader only.

Registration is closed
Outing Leader: Dana Bottcher

All indications are that this is the year of the Mother’s Day salmon fly hatch on the Deschutes. Fly shops are predicting that the river banks will be full of these large bugs in early May instead of late May. Lots of bugs means lots of feeding by the large redside rainbow trout the Deschutes is famous for. We will also be using this event to mentor new hosts.

We will be camping, as usual, at the Beavertail Campground 10 miles below Sherar’s Falls. The campground is halfway between Lone Pine Put-in and Mack’s Canyon Campground. On Saturday, folks can float from Lone Pine down to Beavertail or from Beavertail down to Mack’s. And vice versa on Sunday.

There are tons of places to bank-fish along the road. The $25 outings fee covers all food from Saturday breakfast to Sunday lunch. and needs to be paid by Tuesday, 5th. You can purchase online an Oregon fishing license and a Deschutes River Floaters Pass (if you are going to float the river); there will be a campground fee as well.

To see pictures from previous outings, click here and to see a video of last year's Deschutes outing click here.


  • Drift boat, raft, or pontoon boat.
  • Life jackets for boaters. 
  • Fishing gear: 5 or 6 wt. fly rod, 1-3X leader and strike indicators for nymphers. 
  • Flies: Kaufmann Stones (nymphs) in orange, sizes 6 or 10s. Stimulators (dries), same size and colors.
  • Oregon fishing license.
  • Deschutes River Pass for floaters.
  • Warm clothes and raingear (even if doesn’t look like rain).
  • Camping gear; remember flashlight!
  • Wading staff, hat, glasses.
  • Camera in a Ziplock bag. Tips on Taking a Group Photo video here.
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