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Chopaka Lake

  • June 03, 2016
  • June 05, 2016
  • Chopaka Lake


  • Children 14 years of age or younger are free.
  • This registration for outing leader only.
Outing Leaders: Wytold Lebing and Peter Rubenstein

The trip is designed to hit the peak of trout activity in this remote lake in Okanogan country. Chopaka Lake is where fly fishermen belong, and chironomid soakers put down roots. It just may be the hottest callibaetis mayfly lake in the state. Located on a distant walled-in funnel at just under 3,000 feet elevation above the Sinlahekin Valley, Chopaka Lake is 148.8 acres of trout water squeezed into a narrow 1½ mile-long ladle. Depths in the southern half, the handle end, average less than 10 feet and support fertile nests of bottom vegetations that grow incredible insect fodder, especially mayfly nymphs. The bowl of the ladle is on the north end where the lake bottom plunges to more than 70 feet. A floating device is necessary to fish for the really large rainbows that cruise the lake.

Camping is available at Chopaka Lake Campground. More information available here.

A $25 outings fee covers all food for the weekend. 

To view pictures from previous outings, click here.

What to Bring 

Washington fishing license. Bring clothes for warmish daytime temperatures and chilly nights. Don’t forget sun screen, a hat, and dark glasses. 

Plan on needing 4-6 weight rods. Everyone uses floating lines with 3X and 4X leaders. Bring 5X leader material if you have to put on really small flies. Fly patterns that have worked in past years include Hares Ear and Lightening Bugs. Etc. 

Camping gear and a folding camp chair. 

Remember a camera in a waterproof case (heavy-duty Ziplock bag will do). 

Water bottle with liquid. 

Don’t leave camp without your lunch (provided). 

Getting There 

Drive to Wenatchee and head north on Rte. 97 to Tonasket. 

Take Rte. 7 and then Loomis-Oroville Rd. Look for sign for Touts Coulee Rd. to Chopaka Lake. Total driving time is about 5.5 hours each way.

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