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Northwest Fly Anglers 

A Family Oriented Fly Fishing Club
One of the purposes of NFA is to help maintain and improve the environmental quality of the waters we use.  We do this through our member volunteers and annual cash awards to various conservation organizations.
We encourage members to come to as many conservation outings as possible. You'll join NFA friends, neighbors and other groups for a few hours of orientation and work. Typical conservation projects include cutting back invasive plants, building compost platforms, mulching exposed banks, and restoring habitat to a more natural and sustainable state. By working together, we help rejuvenate the project site, restore fish and wildlife habitat, and create a lasting community legacy for years to come.
Our NFA members show up with energy and enthusiasm. It isn't long before you give up trying to stay clean...and as the work progresses, you'll end up muddy, a little wet, but happy.  If this sounds too strenuous for you, please come to take photos and write an article for our NFA Fly Paper newsletter. You could also discover new access to fishing waters.  We welcome you to lend support and enjoy the friendship that always happens.


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