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  • Yakima River Skwala Stonefly Hatch (Cancelled)

Yakima River Skwala Stonefly Hatch (Cancelled)

  • April 22, 2016
  • April 24, 2016
  • Yakima River


  • This registration for outing leader only.
Cancelled due to water flow and visibility.

Outing Leader: Peter & Kelly Maunsell

NFA Central will be at Big Pines Campground right on the river. Take Exit 110 from I-90 to get to Canyon Road, and then drive south 18-1/2 miles. This outing will also be used to mentor new outing leaders. Please contact Peter if you are interested.

Most people will be floating from several launch sites downstream to the campground or from the campground down to the Roza impoundment. If you don’t have a boat, there is about 16 miles of fairly easy river access along the Canyon Road that runs through the Yakima Canyon south of Ellensburg. The reduced flows at this time of the year (and during the fall drawdown after Labor Day) make wading easier than during mid-summer.

The Skwala stoneflies will be uppermost on the minds of the feisty Yakima rainbows as they put on the feedbag after a winter of reduced rations. The hatch is a major event and it means lots of surface activity; a great opportunity for a dry and a dropper nymph.

A $30 outings fee covers all food from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. 

To see previous outing pictures, click here.


  • Washington fishing license.
  • Bring clothes for warmish daytime temperatures and warmer clothes for chilly nights. Rain gear is also essential on the “dry side” of the mountains. Don’t forget your hat and dark glasses.
  • Plan on needing 4-6 weight rods. Everyone uses floating lines with 3X and 4X leaders. Bring 5X leader material if you have to put on really small flies. Fly patterns range from Elk Hair Caddis to bead headed Prince nymphs. Some folks fish a dry with a dropper nymph, others just a dry, and others fish just a nymph with a strike indicator.
  • Camera in a Ziplock bag. Tips on Taking a Group Photo video here.


  • Bring your camping gear and a folding camp chair.
  • Remember a camera in a waterproof case (heavy duty Ziplock bag will do). 
  • Water bottle with liquid. 
  • Don’t leave camp without your lunch (provided). 

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