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Northwest Fly Anglers   

A Family Oriented Fly Fishing Club


Position email
 Club President Wayne Balsiger
 Club Vice President or Meetings Nick Sherman
 Club Treasurer Peter Maunsell
 Club Secretary or General Questions Nick Sherman
 Membership Susanne Staats
 Fishing Outings Russ Shropshire
 Conservation Colene McKee
 Education Vance Thompson
 Flypaper Editor Nick Sherman
 NFA Library Norm Hill
 Monthly Raffles Seeking Volunteers
 Website Questions or Errors Brett Schormann
 Awards  Susanne Staats
 Hospitality Seeking Volunteers
 Holiday Party/Auction Seeking Volunteers 
 Nominations Wytold Lebing


What is the Northwest Fly Anglers (NFA)?

The NFA  is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with 150+ members that provides members the opportunity to meet people interested in fly fishing. The club holds monthly meetings, an annual summer picnic, a year end banquet, monthly fishing outings (some being devoted to mentoring new fly fishers), conservation outings, and classes in fly casting and fly tying.

How often does the club meet?

The club holds monthly meetings at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at the Haller Lake Community Club , except July, August, and December. 

12579 Densmore Ave North
Seattle, WA 98133

(There is parking in front and behind the building.)

What happens at the meetings?

  • From 7 to 7:30 is social hour or a mini-educational program in the back of the room.
  • Free refreshments are available throughout the evening.
  • A library of books, magazines, and DVDs is available for members.
  • There is a Fly Table where members can get flies (2 flies for $1 each or donate 2 flies and receive a free fly).
  • From 7:30 to 8:00 is a business meeting which also includes reports by members who have gone fishing since the last meeting
  • Before the evening’s guest speaker comes on there is a raffle of fly fishing items.
  • From 8:00 to 8:45 a guest speaker provides a presentation covering some aspect of fly fishing.

What are the other club activities?

  • Fly fishing outings throughout the year; some of which are specifically for teaching.
  • Occasional conservation outings where members do work that has beneficial impacts on the future of our fishing resources.
  • A summer picnic for members and their friends.
  • An awards banquet in December with a fundraising auction, raffle, and bake sale.
  • Classes in fly tying and fly casting.

How do members keep up on club news?

All members have access to our NFA website.  Members can always drop an email.

Who makes all the executive decisions for the club?

The club is run by a  Steering Committee made up of club officers and members of the various committees. The committee meets before each membership meeting. The Steering Committee must abide by an annual budget it generates and that is approved by the membership.

How do I join?

We prefer that you use the web site to register (and pay your dues), but you could fill out a membership form (available on line or at a meeting) and pay by check (make it out to NFA and mail it to NFA PO Box 75212, Seattle, WA  98175). To join online, go to Welcome/Join Us, page down to the middle of the page and follow the instructions.

What does it cost to go on a fishing adventure? 

Our week-end  (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) outings usually charge $25.00.  This pays for your food for Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch and dinner as well as Sunday breakfast and lunch. Although you are expected to help out with the cooking and clean-up,  outings have a "host" who plans the menu, buys the food and brings the gear for cooking  the meals. (The “host” does not have to pay the $25.00 for the outing).  For 25.00 you get 5 meals! You supply your own transportation and lodging, but we usually hold the outings at an approved campground with lodging facilities close by. See this (add link) for more details.

How do I renew my membership? 

You will receive a renewal notice before your membership is up for renewal. At that time you also have the option of changing your membership level. In either case, a invoice will be generated which you can pay online or mail in a check.

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