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Wade Fishing Recommendations -- May/June

  • December 11, 2021 7:21 AM
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    I am looking for any suggestions people have on where would be a good location to use as base for a week of wade fishing in May or early June.  Can be anywhere in the US.  Ideally, would be location with at least a couple of different fishable streams within close proximity.

    I am thinking that runoff will make fishing an iffy proposition for most freestone streams in the NW/Mountain states depending on timing and weather conditions and that maybe Arkansas/TN/NC area would be a safer bet (though I have never fished in the region before).  But I am completely open to any/all destinations.

    Any ideas, recommendations greatly appreciated.



  • December 12, 2021 8:01 AM
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    Hi Michael,

    I spend every April and May (8 weeks) in Asheville, NC. In my opinion it is the best fishing experience you could ever have. There, you will be fishing in the Great Smokey Mountains.

    North Carolina stocks rivers every single week year around. I fish seven different rivers, all very different, and catch nice rainbows and browns every time out.

    There are quite a few fly fishing shops to get recommendations. I recommend the Davidson River and Davidson Outfitters. I also highly recommend the Tuckasseeggee in Bryson City, only 45 minutes away.

    While in Bryson City, be sure to visit the Bryson City Fly Fishing Museum. It is very large and a must see. Check out their website.

    Do a search on Fly Fishing North Carolina. Asheville has an airport where Delta and American have regular flights. Asheville also hosts the famous Biltmore Hotel Museum tours and the River Arts District.

    The weather should be anywhere from mid 60's to nearly 80 in May. It's in the foothills, so the territorial views are surreal no matter where you are.

    I've been going there twice a year for 8 years and will continue as long as I can. I can share a lot more info if you are interested. I have a ton of photo's. I also can share equipment and flies that work best for me.

    Scott Keenholts ,

  • December 13, 2021 7:56 AM
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    Michael... a little closer to home is Central Oregon. Late May/Early June offers a number of excellent options. In late May, the irrigators start taking water out of the  Deschutes River, which actually opens up wading opportunities in a number of sections around Bend, Redmond, Tumalo, Or that flow too swiftly in the winter. These areas are referred to as the Middle Deschutes. There are good populations of wild rainbows, browns, and whitefish in these sections. 

    On May 22, the upper stretches of there Metolius opens. If you've not fished here, its a beautiful river and also has wild Redside trout and Bull Trout, and the occasional brown.and whitefish. Miles of wadable river to fish.

    Also is the Lower Deschutes from Warm Springs Reservation to the Columbia. Miles of big river fishing.

    And the Crooked River. renown for a Mother's Day Caddis hatch that will keep you busy for days. 

    If you need guides, Fin and Fire Flyshop in Redmond is top notch and I know all of those guys well. And of course you can get free guiding from me, not professional guiding, but I fish one or two days a week year round on these waters.

    All of these locations are within one hour of Bend or Redmon, Or...and did I mention the 20+ craft breweries and distilleries....and the 20+ golf courses.

    just sayin.... not too far from Seattle...

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