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Meetup @ Lake Meridian this Sunday Afternoon

  • April 08, 2016 9:54 AM
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    Yahoo! We're going fishing again!!

    Join the fun of making a new friend or two, while learning a thing or two, over a cast or two, while drinking a beer or two. As we yell out "FISH ON". LOL :)  You don't need a watercraft, but it wouldn't hurt. If you have extra watercraft like a float tube, pontoon or kayak please bring it.

    8,000 trout planted this month at this beautiful nearby lake. About 30 minute drive from Seattle.  

     MEET UP @ 

    Lake Meridian Park & Boat Launch.

    Kent launch charges a fee of $5:00

    As always, we're calling out to mentors with extra rod, watercraft or room in a boat for 1 or 2 for hour or two. Show up anytime, especially in the afternoon.

    The Plan is to have multiple meetup times, during the day. So feel free to join us at anytime.

    Since the best fly fishing is often the evening hatch. "that's the last few hours of the day".  So this fairly good plan, but feel free to do your own thing. 

    • 10:00 AM meetup @  Flycaster Classes $20PP

    • 2:00 PM meetup @  boat Launch

    • 5:00 PM take out

    • 6:00 PM Meetup @ local watering hole "TBA"


    • Cash for raffles, flies & donations

    •  2 rods  (#4 & #5wt)

    • 2 leaders (4x & 5X)

    • 2 Tippets  (5x & 6X)    

    • Eye protection "Hat & Glasses"

    • Waders

    • Wading Jacket

    • Waterproof storage

    • Snacks and water

    • Change of clothes if you get wet.

    • Lots of layers

    •  Watercraft of any kind.

    Flies Recommendations


    • Ice Cream Cone  Chironmid Black and Red 8,10 &12

    • Dark Peacock Green and Black Pheasant Tail 14, 16

    • Damsel a Slim Inch Sage 10, 12


    • Wooly buggers or Muddlers in Green & Dark blue, black and purple 8, 10 &  12


    • Dark Colored Parachute Adams, 14, 16

     • Brown or Black Midges 18-22

    •  Mother's Day caddis  14-16

    • March Browns 12-14

    Join us anytime you like for any or all of the following. 

    This is also a major call out to those with watercraft. ie. extra room to take others out on a lake or river. 

    To those without watercraft or knowledge, this is your chance to make new friends, with donations and buying a beer or two for those that are assisting us.    

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