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Northwest Fly Anglers   

A Family Oriented Fly Fishing Club
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  • Cavanaugh Pond on the Cedar River Restoration

Cavanaugh Pond on the Cedar River Restoration

  • June 25, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Cavanaugh Pond


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The NFA in cooperation with King County Parks will join in a volunteer event at Cavanaugh Pond on the Cedar River, Saturday, June 25th from 9 AM to 1 PM.  We will be removing fabric that has been used to hold down weeds and invasive species giving our past plantings of native species a chance to become established. Come join us in restoring the Cedar River to benefit Salmon, Trout, and Wildlife.


CLOTHING: Come dressed to get dirty. Wear sturdy shoes for walking in the woods and mud. If it looks like rain, bring rain gear. If it doesn’t look like rain, bring rain gear. Wear layers to keep warm; you can always take off some layers if you are working so hard that you get over-heated. 

TOOLS: The sponsors supply all the tools. They also provide work gloves, but if you have your own work gloves by all means bring them; they will fit better and you will be less likely to get blisters. 

FOOD: The sponsors provide water and snack food (usually fruit and energy bars). Be sure to bring a refillable water bottle. 

OTHER STUFF: Bring something that takes pictures, like a camera or a smart phone. Your best shots could end up in the club’s newsletter and/or on the website. Bring something to pay for a early afternoon lunch if you plan on going out to a restaurant after the event with fellow NFA volunteers. 

GETTING THERE: From the north or south drive toward Renton on I-405. Exit onto Route 169 (Maple Valley Hwy.) toward Maple Valley. Drive 4.3 miles and look for the reader board event signs indicating where to turn off the highway. They will instruct you on where to park. 

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