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Northwest Fly Anglers   

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  • Restore the Duwamish Hill Preserve

Restore the Duwamish Hill Preserve

  • February 20, 2016
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 3800 S 115th St, Tukwila, WA 98168


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Outing Leader: Tom Beaulaurier

Come join us at our first volunteer work party of the new year at the Duwamish Hill Preserve! Join volunteers to help restore this culturally significant preserve and city park while we will be plant native shrubs and remove invasive plant species.

About the property: In 2001, Forterra, the City of Tukwila, and a local citizen group formed a partnership to work for the preservation of an undeveloped parcel of land on the Duwamish River. The property is managed as a public open space preserve devoted to the interpretation of the site’s Native American cultural significance and other aspects of Duwamish River Valley natural and cultural history. The Hill is culturally significant for its association with southern Puget Sound Salish oral tradition and history, as a key location in the stories collectively known as the “Epic of the Winds.”

Outing Report

On Saturday, Feb. 20, eight NFA volunteers worked with six, mostly all volunteer stewards, who spend their free hours working at the Duwamish Hill Preserve. You may wonder like I did, why spend anytime near the Duwamish (super-fund level pollution) River in the industrial area which is also near busy and noisy King County Airport. I talked about that with several of the dedicated Preserve volunteer stewards. In a nutshell, they are encouraged by what has already happened at the Preserve (new walkways, ponds and grassy knolls) and along the adjacent River to support migrating fish (new and planned side channel ponds for migrating fingerlings and fry) as well as create a relaxing and peaceful looking site along the River. The Duwamish Hill Preserve outing was enjoyable work for our eight volunteers alongside really enjoyable volunteer stewards. It was also another opportunity to meet other NFA members and to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning with each other. Our NFA volunteers group photo shows from left: Daniel Martini, Connie Schormann, Jim Watson, Scott Martini, Brett Schormann, Wytold Lebing and me Tom Beaulaurier, Vance Thompson was there too. This function of our club is one of the activities required by our founding Constitution. It is one of many activities that make NFA membership interesting and attractive. Sign up for one on the next chance you see.

Pictures From Outing 
 Duwamish Hill Preserve 4.JPG
 Duwamish Hill Preserve 3.JPG
 Duwamish Hill Preserve 2.JPG
 Duwamish Hill Preserve 1.JPG

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