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Redington CD# 5/6 reel, plus 3 total spools and line $50.00

  • March 18, 2017 3:00 PM
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    Deleted user

    I have a Redington CD# 5/6 reel which I have owned for quite a while.  The reel itself is in working condition, although it has a fair amount of boat rash.  The 2 extra spools are in fine condition.  One is loaded with a Rio AquaLux wf5i line.  This is a clear line that was hand picked from Bria at The Avid Angler, to be ideal for Searun Cutts, she said.  This spool and line have never been fished.
    The 2nd extra spool, also in very fine condition, contains a 5wt line with a sinking blended tip.  Not sure exactly of the manufacturer or line or specifics. was effective for slow trolling lakes for me.
    The spool on the real currently, is loaded with a WF5F line of unknown manufacturing.  
    ** Please take note, the hiccup with this reel is that I cannot seem to get the original spool to dislocate from the reel.   I can only assume that it got dropped, and bent ever so slightly, and will not disengage.  I will likely take it by the shop and have them try to remove it.**
    I think this would be a simple and cheap introduction reel and line assortment for a more beginning angler.  Each of the lines cost as much as I'm asking for the whole thing.    



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