NFA's March program will be about fishing Oregon's John Day River for steelhead.

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March, 2016
John Day Steelheading  March 17th  

Jim Cox of the Western Rivers Conservancy will talk to the club about steelhead fishing on one of his favorite rivers, the John Day in eastern Oregon.

Although most people use boats to fish the John Day, Jim will also talk about how to steelhead there without a boat. He will also mention about camping opportunities in the area. Bring your questions.

If you haven't paid your 2016 memberships dues you could do so at the treasurer's table. Just check in with Peter Maunsell. Dues paying deadline is March 31st.                  


Website Editor Brett Schormann will have the new website open on his laptop in the alcove at the back of the hall from 7:00 to 7:30. If you have any questions about the site please see Brett and he will help you out.

2016 Budget Approved
Benbow talked at Feb. Meeting

In attendance at the February 10th Steering Committee Meeting were: Jim Morrison, Maura Johnson, Brett Schormann,  Peter Rubenstein,  Alan Pilkington, Helsa Petersen, Tom Beaulaurier, Jim Higgins, Peter Maunsell, Susanne Staats, Joe Souther, Kim Kreidler, and David Arms.

Treasurer Peter Maunsell presented the budget for 2016 which forecasts that the club would take in $11,300 and spend that same amount. It passed and sent on for a vote by the membership at the February 18th membership meeting.

The committee also decided that the NFA picnic this coming July will, once again, be at the Good Shepherd Center picnic area in north Seattle.

Jim Higgins submitted his resignation as chair of the Education Committee. The fly tying class is finished and he has the casting class all set to begin in April. Jim is also videotaping a series of fly tying videos for next year's fly tying class. The committee will begin to look for a member to fill the position.

Outings chair Peter Rubenstein said that signups for the multi-day British Columbia lake outing would begin March 1 and would be limited to the first 11 who signed up. A deposit has been sent to the fishing camp to reserve 11 spaces. 

Conservation chair Tom Beaulaurier and NFA president Alan Pilkington will be attending an IFFF-sponsored luncheon with others fly fishing clubs in an attempt to coordinate conservation efforts among all the interested clubs in Washington. The committee discussed whether the club should become more "politically active." The committee will ask the membership to discuss this issue.

A copy of the minutes for the February Steering Committee Meeting can be found here.

New president Alan Pilkington called the February 18th membership meeting to order and welcomed all the new guests in attendance. He thanked Website Editor Brett Schormann for doing a pre-meeting program in which he explained all the features of the club's new website. 

Club treasurer Peter Maunsell presented the 2016 NFA Budget and then the membership voted to accept the budget as presented. The raffle had shirts and flies. Outings chair Peter Rubenstein mentioned that their were a lot of people who had signed up for the March 4-5th Olympic Peninsula Outing. To get people excited about the February  Green Lake Outing, Dave Campbell told stories he had heard from people who were recently successful in fishing Green Lake.

Mike Benbow (pictures above) closed out the evening with a wonderful presentation about lake fishing in the Methow Valley.

For the most current information about up coming outings, go to our website here.

New Members

The following people have submitted applications for new membership into the NFA:

  • Greg and Joyce Herron
  • Preston Singletary
  • Meryl Schenker
  • Gary Wilson
  • Jim Hopper
  • Brian Boone
  • Dustin Robinson
  • Alan Jacobs
  • Ira Stevenson
  • Lee Lamont
  • Mike Sargent
Unless someone objects, each of these applicants will be inducted at a future membership meeting.

Kids Conservation Camp

Do you know any boys or girls, age 12 to 16, who would like to attend a week-long live in camp this June? The NFA donates two scholarships to the camp. The curriculum includes conservation as well as fly fishing and fly tying. The camp is on a lake outside of Tacoma. 

To get more information and an application go here. The application is due April 15th.

Duwanish Hill Preserve, February 20
Green Lake, February 28

On Saturday, February 20, eight NFA volunteers worked with six, mostly all-volunteer stewards, who spend their free hours working at the Duwamish Hill Preserve. 

You may wonder, like I did, why spend anytime near the Duwamish (super-fund-level pollution) River in the industrial area which is also near busy and noisy King County Airport? I talked about that with several of the dedicated Preserve volunteer stewards. In a nutshell, they are encouraged by what has already happened at the Preserve (new walkways, ponds and grassy knolls) and along the adjacent River in support of migrating fish (new and planned side channel ponds for migrating fingerlings and fry).  

The Duwamish Hill Preserve outing was enjoyable work for our eight volunteers alongside really enthusiastic volunteer stewards. All of us felt our few hours of work helped as well create a relaxing and peaceful looking site along the river. 

Our day outside together was also another opportunity to meet NFA members and to enjoy a beautiful Saturday morning with each other. 

The group photo above shows from left: Daniel Martini, Connie Schormann, Jim Watson, Scott Martini, Brett Schormann, Wytold Lebing and me Tom Beaulaurier. Vance Thompson was there, too. For more pictures of the outing, click here.

This type of club function is one of the activities required by our founding Constitution. Activities like this make NFA membership interesting and attractive. 

Keep checking our web page for your next chance to go on an NFA conservation outing. Click here.

This was the first NFA one-day fishing outing that was on a Sunday instead of a Saturday. Too bad, because Saturday was a beautiful day weather-wise, and Sunday it rained, a lot. Consequently only two fishers showed up: new member Greg Herron and his wife Phyllis and Brett Schormann and his fishing wife Connie. Brett and Connie decided to walk around Green Lake and see if the weather would clear. Greg, who Phyllis says is new into fly fishing and therefore a fanatic, didn't let the rain bother him. He fished from docks along the east side of the lake, and Phyllis left him at the lake in the rain and drove home. She also mentioned that they always bring both cars when she "goes fishing with him" (so she can drive herself home). The plan was that she was to row Greg around the lake in Greg's inflatable boat. Greg admitted that it was too wet to bother with the boat (fanaticism does have its limits).

To see more pictures of the outing, click

Green Lake, April 5- May 10

The six-week NFA Fly Casting Class will start Tuesday evening April 5 and run for consecutive Tuesdays until May 10. It will be held, as usual, at the Casting Pier on the northeast shore of Green Lake in Seattle.

For more information and to register, go

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