NFA's February program will be on Steelhead Fishing.

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February, 2016
Waters West's Curtis Reed  February 18th  

Curtis Reed has been a head guide at Waters West for over a decade and has fished and guided extensively throughout the Olympic Peninsula, with emphasis on the famous steelhead rivers near Forks, Washington.  Curt is not only a skilled fisherman and a true professional, but a well-rounded fly tier, an outstanding spey caster and one of the best instructors around.  He will share his program about steelhead fishing the Olympic peninsula. If you are going on the February Peninsula outing you will want to see this program. This exciting program will also appeal to anyone who fly fishes.

Those members attending will also get a chance to vote on the club's 2016 budget at the evening's business meeting.

If you haven't paid your 2016 memberships dues you could do so at the treasurer's table. Just check in with Peter Maunsell.                  

PRE-MEETING - Website Editor Brett Schormann will have the new website open on his laptop in the alcove at the back of the hall from 7:00 to 7:30. If you have any questions about the site please see Brett and he will help you out.

2015 Budget Surplus of $1,300
2016 Outings Previewed

Treasurer Peter Maunsell reported at the January 13th Steering Committee that the club did not meet its 2015 budget goal of spending$3,300 more than it planned to take in. Instead the club showed a surplus of $400 (plus an additional $900 surplus from outings). The committee is currently working on the club budget for 2016. It will be ready for the membership to vote on at the February 18th membership meeting.

The committee also decided that the Awards Banquet this coming December will, once again, be at the Hotel Deca in Seattle's University District.

Peter Rubenstein volunteered to serve as Outings Chair for the time being. Peter has attended many outings and has even co-hosted one. He has also baked many refreshments for the club. 

Speaking of refreshments, Maura Johnson has resumed her former duties as head of the Hospitality Committee.

New president Alan Pilkington called the January 21st membership meeting to order and welcomed the three new guests in attendance. He thanked Website Editor Brett Schormann for doing a pre-meeting program in which he explained all the features of the club's new website. 

-president and Programs chair Jim Morrison previewed the 2016 NFA fishing outings. Website editor Brett Schormann projected images of past outings while Jim told members about the outings planned for this year. There  will be 16 or so outings this year. There will be eight weekend outings, six one-day outings, and a couple of extended outings (to the John Day and to lakes in British Columbia). He also explained about the outings host in training program that is new this year. 

For the most current information about up coming outings, go to our website here.


Green Lake, February 28
Duwamish Hill Preserve, February 20

This will be the first outing of the year and it will be the closest (and it may be the most productive). Since it is a one-day outing there is no outing fee and you can come without registering, but it would be nice for all involved if you did. Register here.

People will be gathering at 8 am at the Aqua Theater at the south end of Green Lake. There is a nice boat launch area, and you won't have to go far to be in the best fishing places.

What's lurking in the lake? The big surprise this year may be some of the 27,000 hatchery steelhead the state was prohibited from planting in some west slope rivers. There may also be some browns and normal-sized rainbows.

A boat of some sorts is a huge advantage, but there are places to cast from piers and shore. Dress warmly and prepare for rain. Bring your own food and drinks. Gear suggestions and other information are all at the same place on the website where you can register.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: the date of the outing could change if someone steps forward and says he (or she) will host the outing but needs to change the date. So keep an eye on the website. Or you could volunteer to host it and keep the date as is. Contact Outings chair Peter Rubenstein if you are curious about hosting. Check the Members Only Directory for his contact information.

Olympic Peninsula, March 4-6

The first weekend outing of the year will be on the Olympic peninsula fishing for steelhead. Most people will be staying at the Olympic Resource Center outside Forks. The $40 outings fee pays for the food for the weekend and helps defray some of the rent for the facilities. Registrants will have to pay for their own lodging. For more information and to register, go here.
The first NFA conservation outing of the year will be at a preserve on the Duwamish in Tukwila. Forterra, the NFA's 2014 Conservation Award winner, will be sponsoring the event. Volunteers will meet at the Preserve at 9 and the work will be wrapped up at noon. NFA members may get together for lunch on the way home. For more information and registration, go here.

Fly Fishing Show, February 13 and 14

NFA members will be helping watch the booth of the Washington State Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers at the annual show that is held at the Lynnwood Convention Center in Alderwood Mall. All the local fly shops will be there as will lots of guiding outfits around the northwest and Alaska. There will be live fly tying and casting demos, free seminars given by experts, and the ever amazing Destination Theater with great presentation on fly fishing trips all over the world. There will be 2-1/2 hour fly tying and casting classes given by experts ($80 tuition). Doors open at 9 am and close around 5. There is lots of free parking, but it will cost you to get in. For more information, go

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